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Senior care at home - upon need

Here you will find the elderly care as needed, so that you can enjoy your retirement at home. This service is currently available in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain and Bulgaria.

As a low-cost alternative to nursing homes or assisted living, out staff visits in your own home to take care of  household work and support services on an hourly basis, during the day and / or at night. For medical care, we the local outpatient services are in charge. The combination thus ideally ensures that the person being cared for can live at home as long as possible.

The caregivers are carefully selected and recruited from our pool. As a rule, they have good care experience and language skills to meet the needs of the elderly and nursing cases.

The applicable legal regulations and employment conditions are complied country-specifically.

The care staff assumes generelly the following specific tasks depending on your requirements:

  • Accompanying and assisting the elderly in- and outside their own home
  • Make purchases or help
  • Preparing meals
  • Compliance with household hygiene
  • Compliance with body hygiene and garment care
  • Supply of pets
  • Help with household management, etc.

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Living and real estate abroad

Advice for living abroad and emigration

Retirement homes abroad, real estate as holiday home, emigration to Bulgaria, emigration to Spain, real estate in Bulgaria at the Black Sea, at the  Costa del Sol in Spain or at the Turkish Riviera.

We advice and accompany you in your project to live or emigrate abroad (feasibility study, finances, taxes, government agencies, etc.) and search your suitabe real estate. In retirement home or real estate investing or longtime rent, holidays or part life at your favorite place, if possible with a better climate, all at unbeatably low prices and cost of living - a dream that becomes reality, etc. in countries such as Bulgaria, Poland, Spain etc. Thus, you can assure in the long run also your pension. Our offers are aimed at private persons and real estate investors, who want to spend part time or their retirement abroad. There are 3 objects categories available:

• real estate (aparthotel, apartment, private home)                    
• senior residence
• retirement- and nursing home

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