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Privacy Policy and legal information

This privacy statement and legal notices apply to this website and domain. They do not apply to websites and domains for 24SENIORCARE companies, e.g. due to national laws, amended data protection clarifications and legal notices. For this reason, please refer to the data privacy statements and legal notices of all 24SENIORCARE websites you visit.

Partially, 24seniorcare websites also contain links to websites of third parties, not 24SENIORCARE companies for which this data protection declaration and legal notices apply.

General data protection standard
24SENIORCARE is a global company with cross-border, legally independent companies, business processes, management structures and technical systems.

When you visit our website, personal data may be collected. With this declaration, we will show you which personal data 24SENIORCARE companies will collect during your visit to our websites and how we deal with them. According to GPDR 2018 you can revoke this at any time.

We take the protection of your personal data very seriously. We process personal and / or personal data, which are collected during your visit to our websites, only according to the relevant legal regulations. In addition, our approach to personal data is based on the EU data protection principles which provide the greatest possible transparency, respect for voting rights, access rules, legal processing and the transfer of personal data.

Each 24SENIORCARE company respects the applicable data protection laws, such as 24SENIORCARE companies and branches in Germany, the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). In addition, the handling of personal data for all 24SENIORCARE companies within the Group is defined as the corporate guideline. This 24SENIORCARE Company Policy is intended to ensure that 24SENIORCARE companies that process personal data process your data properly and in compliance with the applicable laws. At the same time, we have instructed our employees to point out and comply with our privacy regulations wherever personal data are requested in websites.

Collection, processing and transfer of personal data
24SENIORCARE will give you as much control over your personal data as possible. In the normal case, you can access our 24SENIORCARE websites without giving any details about your person.

However, in some areas of the 24SENIORCARE Web site, you will be asked to enter personal information that will allow us to improve the website's value and help you stay in touch with you. The personal data you provide will be treated confidentially and will only be stored or processed in the context of the relationship between you and 24SENIORCARE and will not be disclosed, sold or otherwise made available to third parties without your prior consent for marketing purposes.

However, our services may be passed on to third parties, such as business partners or IT service providers, who are included in our order processing. When passing on personal data to these third parties, we restrict ourselves to the information necessary to provide the respective service. This is done taking into account the necessary data security. 24SENIORCARE companies will disclose your personal data only to third parties who have committed themselves to the data protection and processing of your data in accordance with the applicable laws.

24SENIORCARE may also be required to disclose your information and related information to a court or governmental organization. We also reserve the right to use your data to assert or defend against legal claims.

In the case of a takeover or merger with another company, disclosure or disclosure of their data to potential or actual buyers may be required. In such a case, 24SENIORCARE will endeavor to protect the data as much as possible and comply with legal requirements.

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