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Swiss senior emigrated to Bulgaria

Emigrating to Bulgaria

Once again, a Swiss senior has decided to emigrate to Bulgaria. 24seniorcare advised her on all necessary steps:
- financial feasibility
- Health insurance
- deregistration, AHV
- Housing search in Varna
- Move
- Registration
- bank accounts, payments Bulgaria
- local craftsmen etc.
From the request to the apartment it took only 3 months. So the lucky one could enjoy most of the summer on the Black Sea.
Today she lives instead in a 1 bedroom apartment in Switzerland in a 3 bedroom rooftop apartment in Varna, with a 270 degree view of the sea and 500 meters from the beach. The bottom line is that her life leaves her much more money than before, which significantly increases the quality of life. She has already settled in quite well in her new home and speaks a few words of Bulgarian.