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Comparison of average pensions in Switzerland, Germany and Austria

Purchasing power-adjusted pension comparisons


A comparison of average pensions in Switzerland, Germany and Austria results above all in purchasing power-adjusted amazing differences.
The pension systems are completely different and differ in state- and private resources.

1. Switzerland
The pension is based on 3 pillars: AHV (state pension), compulsory firm retirement, private savings. All depend on the contribution years and the amount of the contributions to the funds.
Average rate: € 52000
Livelihood index:
Average rents: € 4000 / month
Annuity pension funded: € 2300 / month
Taxes: € 300 / month
Net pension € 2000 / month

2. Germany
The pension is governmental and depends on whether you come from the new or old federal states as well as private saving.
Average price: € 40500
Average rents: € 1200 / month
Life index: 100
Remuneration of the pension fund: € 1200 / month

3. Austria
The rule is the so-called state corridor board, which is calculated according to contribution years as well as private saving.
Average content: € 40900
Life Index: 104
Average rents: € 1200 / month
Pension purchase-force adjusted: € 1153 / month
Private saving was not included in the calculation. There are also differences in age. There is little difference in the effective pension between Germany and Austria. On the other hand, the pension is still 60% higher in Switzerland despite much higher living costs. Only in Switzerland are the pensions generally income-taxed.

In view of rising inflation expectations, which is hardly compensated for by pension adjustments, private saving and housing capital is enormously important. Only in this way can the obviously large pension gap can be closed in all three countries.

An interesting variant is in any case the living abroad, be it in the pre-retirement age or in the annuity age, in order to significantly improve the purchasing power of a country with a better life index. Interesting countries are in this respect for example:  

 Living index
- Bulgaria 55
- Poland 55
- Croatia 72
- Slovenia 80     

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