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German retirees in Bulgaria

already 45000 Germans live in Bulgaria

According to a report by Stern TV, 45,000 Germans have already settled in Bulgaria. Most are on the Black Sea coast and do not want to go back. This is also not surprising. Compared to Germany, living costs are 50% lower. A house with some land around is available from € 20000. In the luxury area costs the m2 living space ist starting at € 1000. In Germany it would  be 4500 € / m2.

The financial reasons lie in the foreground, which simply can easily afford much more. The joy of life and quality grow enormously. Luring are perfect, pleasant climate. The summer is from spring to late autumn. Bulgaria has made great progress with regard to infrastructure and medical care, especially in the large centers of the Black Sea, Bourgas and Varna, where there are few concessions. Only because of the Cyrillic script and the Bulgarian language it does last longer until you can talk with the Bulgarian, if you have no previous knowledge, for example, in Russian.

However all younger Bulgarians speak English or German, in tourist areas anyway. Meanwhile in Germany 21 million retirees live from the legal pension. According to TV Stern is 15.9% are in danger of poverty, that is more than 3 million. Therefore, so many German retirees migrate to Bulgaria, for example.

In the southern neighbor Switzerland is amazing, that already 50% of the new pensions are paid abroad. Bulgaria is not yet the destination, as only 250 Swiss there! Due to higher average pensions compared to Germany lure USA, France, Italy, Spain etc.