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24seniorcare ideally combines the needs of senior citizens with individual care services in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain and Bulgaria. Furthermore, interested seniors receive comprehensive advice on living abroad, gaining insight into the possibilities and approach to a new living situation abroad.


The founders stood a few years ago before the hard challenge of the foreign support of a family member, who wanted to stay at home rather than go to a retirement home. Since the owners were already active in the personnel recruiting since 1997, they succeeded with own resources in finding the right and loving caregivers, who were able to guarantee a corresponding senior care. When requests came from the surrounding area, the service of the external support was professionalized.

Due to the long-standing and international relationships of the founders, the theme of living abroad soon became available in order to reach those customers or seniors who wanted to venture abroad and spend ther old age in climatically more favorable regions.  

Bulgaria and Spain are currently offered as emigration countries. In these two countries, the real estate consulting and third-party care is offered. Another area is old people's homes in Poland.