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We are looking for Franchise Partners/Managing Directors                                                                                                                      


Unique service combination in the booming seniors market

Care for the elderly at home as well as offers for living abroad

24seniorcare is looking for franchise partners/Managing Directors in the German-speaking countries to ensure the regional coverage of this unique product portfolio in the booming seniors market. In addition to the elderly care at home by local as well as nurses from Eastern Europe for elderly people who need care, counseling is also offered for living abroad, both in senior citizens' residences and in their own property, primarily in Bulgaria. In this way the seniors can already be advised at a much earlier stage of time than is possible only with the elderly care. On this point, 24seniorcare is definitely an allotment feature.

Growth market for elderly care and living abroad

Both topics are currently at the forefront in Western Europe. On the one hand, our society is getting older, on the other hand the seniors want to be cared for at home rather than retired. Furthermore the seniors and early seniors are always fitter and can imagine to spend part of your life part or abroad. Often financial considerations are also the focus here because the pension is no longer safe.

As a franchise partner/Managing Director of  a regional 24seniorcare office, you will have the unique opportunity to become independent with very great success prospects and to quickly build up an operational business. Through our unique service combination, you can advise the seniors' spectrum of the elderly much earlier than with the pure care guide.

24seniorcare offers

- own recruiting department of local and care workers from Eastern Europe, 2o years of recruitment experience

- large real estate portfolio and professional real estate consulting in Eastern Europe, which is kept up-to-date at all times

-  offer of retirement homes in Eastern Europe

- great price advantages within the entire portfolio of products, with direct benefit to the seniors (customers)

- support of the franchise partners by the head office


Please send your motivation letter to info@24seniorcare.eu.

Investment ca. € 12000

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